Founder & Creative Director 
Philadelphia native Karim Muhammad is an award-winning barber and acclaimed published photographer whose nearly 20 years as a force in the hair/fashion industry culminated in the creation of Coiffure Magazine, the publication he founded in 2010. 
Muhammad started his career as a barber at the tender age of 15 and in 1994 opened up his first barber shop, Distinguished Cuts, in the heart of West Philadelphia. At Distinguished Cuts, he won three local hair shows, and he took home two first-place trophies and one third-place in other competitions. 
In the midst of enjoying his entrepreneurial and artistic successes, Muhammad began experimenting with a new-found passion: Taking pictures. In 2005, he set up a studio and started a second business, Karim Muhammad Photography, specializing in beauty, hair and fashion photography. 
His skill behind the camera quickly established him as one of the most sought after photographers in Philadelphia. A year later, he decided to close Distinguished Cuts to pursue his photography career full-time. 
In 2010, Muhammad took what, for him, was the natural next step by creating his own Hair Fashion magazine, Coiffure, a unique fusion of the traditional photo-filled urban “hair book” with coverage ranging from product reviews and the latest style news to expert fashion advice and explorations of key people behind the magic. 
Under Muhammad’s, direction, Coiffure launched its first issue in August 2010, in print as well as via digital download.
He continues to expand his business and creativity into art and content that reaches a wide variety of receptive audiences. 
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