Coiffure Magazine Submissions Guidelines Coiffure Magazine is accepting ***submissions for Fashion, Health, Art and Music Editorials and Photographic spreads. If you’re interested in submitting your work, Send photo submissions to " Subject - Submited Images" IMAGES THAT ARE PREVIOUSLY FEATURED IN ANOTHER MAGAZINE CAN STILL BE SUBMITTED. 
FOUR (4) to TWENTY-FOUR (24) photos can be sent. Images should be sent in low resolution. If accepted, high resolution 300dpi images will be requested. 
Images NO WATERMARKS. Send your images to our email address with a download link for us to access the images. Preferable download links include Dropbox or Google Drive. 
Include your contact information and the necessary credits (and social media links) for each photo. Credits should include Photographer, Model, and HMUA. (Please also include Stylist, Designer, and Agency credits if applicable).
 If any person / organization is accidentally left out of the credits, the submitter of the images will be held responsible and not Coiffure Magazine. Please allow us 48 hours for us to review your work and provide a response. 
IF YOUR WORK IS ACCEPTED (STEP 1): If your images are accepted, follow the following STEPS: Send the accepted images to our email address. These images should be 300dpi and at least 2500px in width. 
Images should be sent via a download link as sent previously. If a model is below the age of 18, signed parental permission is required (download consent form: ). 
The completed form should be sent as an attachment. If no consent form is sent, Coiffure Magazine has the right to assume that all models are 18 or older. Additionally, if models are discovered to be below the age of 18 after publication and without parental consent, the images will be removed from the website. 
Release forms for submissions should also be signed and sent. You can download the Coiffure Magazine release form here: 
PUBLICATION: Magazine Editions shall be made available for Print and Digital Purchase on MagCloud.
 POSSIBLE REASONS FOR REJECTION: The submitted images don't meet our standards of quality. Work that is submitted after the deadline.
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